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The Clearwater RC&D Council offers the organizational infrastructure, finance and administrative services, and expert guidance to help launch and grow creative solutions to natural resource and community development challenges.

For more than 30 years, hundreds of individuals, groups, foundations, government entities, and other institutions have worked with the Council to create new nonprofit projects, establish coalitions, and manage charitable initiatives to benefit our region. Our mission is to accelerate ideas into action to advance the public good and improve the quality of life for residents of north-central Idaho. We achieve this in three basic ways:

Fiscal Sponsorship
We provide the structure, finance and administrative services, and expert counsel that helps nonprofit leaders succeed.

Grantmaker Partnerships
We help foundations, government agencies, and other institutions achieve greater impact.

Knowledge Sharing
Workshops, reports, speaking engagements and a range of publications that help strengthen the field.

Today, the Council  supports upwards of 20 of these creative solutions through our Fiscal Sponsorship Program. Taken together, these efforts offer a panoramic view of the innovative ways our communities are meeting the natural resource and community development challenges facing north-central Idaho.

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