Orofino CBYCC Crew Saves Their Hometown

OROFINO, ID — After a summer of learning about trail maintenance, handling tools, and fire safety, the Orofino Clearwater Basin Youth Conservation Corps Crew saved their own hometown from a fire.

Orofino CBYCC Crew Members Jacob Strahan, Sam Naden, Arden Rueben, Christian Norman, Malachi Kirk and their Crew Leader Brandi Bundy were on their way back from the End of Season CBYCC BBQ at the Big Eddy Marina on August 2nd when they spotted a small smoke plume on Ahsahka Beach. The crew pulled over to investigate the smoke, and found a fire. The crew grabbed shovels from their truck and extinguished the flames. “We just did everything we could with the resources available,” said crew leader Brandi Bundy. “I’m glad we spotted it and the crew responded quickly to put it out.”

After the crew put out a call on the radio, CPTPA (Clearwater-Potlatch Timber Protective Association) was quick to show up on the scene, and demonstrated to the Orofino CBYCC Crew how to properly and effectively put out a wildfire. “They sprayed water over the area to make sure it remained out,” said Bundy.

The mission of the CBYCC is to expose youth to natural resource career opportunities and facilitate the development of practical problem-solving skills. Student participants work alongside professionals in the field from both private and public companies and institutions on projects that restore wildlife habitat, assist in trail maintenance, and a variety of recreational projects that promote healthy rural communities.

When asked about their plans for future jobs, a few members of the Orofino CBYCC Crew said they were interested in becoming Wildland Firefighters. It seems this incident may have sparked their interest.

The Orofino CBYCC crew at the end of a week of hard work in the sun! Left to Right: Arden Reuben, Christian Norman, Crew Leader Brandi Bundy, Malachi Kirk, Jacob Strahan, Samuel Naden


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