If your project is right for the Clearwater RC&D Council, becoming a project is a straightforward, simple process. Our goal is to help you get moving and making an impact as quickly as possible.

Step One: Determine Eligibility.Knowing what you want to accomplish and how you are going to do it (and pay for it) is an important first step. This eligibility checklist will help you decide if you are ready to become a Clearwater RC&D Council project. Your project should:

  • Benefit north-central Idaho.
  • Be charitable in purpose and support our mission.
  • Have a clear program mission and strategy.
  • Have a fully developed project plan to fulfill your mission and a budget that supports your plan.
  • Have a detailed, researched funding plan to raise the money you need for your budget.

For more details on how the Council assesses new projects and informs its decision whether to partner on any given project, download this Fiscal Sponsorship Project Criteria Checklist.

Step Two: Contact Us. E-mail or call us to confirm that your project is in the scope of what we do.

Step Three: Apply. Download a Project Application form, fill it out, and e-mail the completed form to director@clearwaterrcd.org.

Step Four: Interview. Once we’ve reviewed your application, we’ll call you to let you know if you’ve been selected to come in for an interview. The interview gives us the opportunity to understand the details of your project and get to know you a little better. You will be able to ask us questions to help you decide if you want the Clearwater RC&D Council to be your fiscal sponsor. If we both determine that it’s a good match, we’ll proceed to step five.

Step Five: Council Review. Our Council will review your application at one of its semi-monthly meetings and make a decision on whether or not to accept your project. The Council requests that your Project’s representative be present at this meeting to make a short presentation and answer any questions that Council members may have regarding your project proposal. Applications are considered on a rolling basis. We’re flexible. Be sure to let us know if you need us to expedite your request to meet a funding-critical deadline.

Step Six: Enter into our Fiscal Sponsorship Agreement. We’ll start providing support services immediately so you can focus on your program goals.



The Clearwater RC&D Council subscribes to the best practice guidelines of theNNFS

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