The Clearwater RC&D Council’s Fiscal Sponsorship Program is a comprehensive alternative to starting up and running a new, separate nonprofit organization.

Fiscal sponsorship is a cost effective way to implement new programs, bring together groups to collaborate on an issue, and test new approaches to complex problems. Fiscal sponsorship is a common mechanism used in the nonprofit sector that enables individuals and organizations to start new programs without establishing a new, separate nonprofit organization.

What We Offer

We offer fiscal sponsorship which includes:

  • Operation under our 501(c)3 umbrella.
  • Back-office support for financial, administrative, human resources, and grants management services.
  • Advisory consultation to build an efficient and cost-effective project.


Ideal for individuals, organizations, and social entrepreneurs that:

  • Need 501(c)3 status,
  • Could use the back-office support of an accountable and well-managed nonprofit,
  • Want to bring together groups to collaborate on an issue or have time limited goals, or
  • Are looking for financial or administrative help.
  • See our FAQ for more on the many benefits of our Fiscal Sponsorship Program.

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The Clearwater RC&D Council subscribes to the best practice guidelines of theNNFS

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